Maltaserv was established in 2001 with clients ranging from Sole Traders to SMEs and Corporations. Our business model revolves around brisk adaptability in the face of change - both from internal and external influences. We assist clients in various areas of business such as identity creation, online marketing, search engine optimisation, project and workflow management, web presence technology or bespoke software or hardware solutions - to mention a few.

Our flexibility in the light of opportunity has landed us some exceptional projects such as the first commercial development of a Speech Synthesis engine for the Maltese language as well as various Maltese Language Learning tools. We have also worked on some unusually challenging Data Warehousing, ETL and Business Reporting projects.

Our Specialised Hardware Sales and Support arm has also seen a steady growth in the area of Prepaid Electricity Card Meters from which hundreds of customers have benefited in substantial cost savings.

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