COLLECT DUE BILLS IN ADVANCE! Or don’t. Your choice!

Dear Rental Property Owner,
Fed up of receiving bills, bills, and even bigger bills, eating away at your residual income.
In particular, rising electricity bills?
Electricity bills silently and surely amount to one of the largest running expenses you face.

Are you ever worried about your guests leaving heaters, air-conditioners, lighting, on all day and night, leaving hot water taps running? Some guests are considerate, others reason that since they are paying, why should they care?

Or maybe, you have been wishing to fit air-conditioning, or place heaters in every room, to make your accommodation more attractive and desirable to enquirers, thus receiving more bookings, but you are concerned about massive electricity bills eating away at your profits?
You need never again worry about your electricity bills!
The solution to all your concerns is now available to you. You will be able to offer your clients’ all the comfort they ask for. You need never again worry about your electricity bills – in fact, you will not mind at all if your guests leave air-conditioning or heating units on 24hrs a day during their stay! Impossible? No, this is very possible... with a cheaply fitted electricity card meter. A meter? Yes! Read on for more...
RFID Meters
How does this work?
Just like a mobile phone, this meter will accept pre-paid cards, which only cost you a few cents each, covering the actual cost of the card. You however sell the cards to your guests at the printed face value (EUR 10, EUR 20 or other values by special order). They insert the card/s into the meter, which will then supply them with a number of electrical units (KwH), as per the adjustment you choose. As the electricity gets consumed, your guests will eventually need to purchase further cards from you to assure that their supply is not cut off.

The cards can only be purchased from us, by you, it is not possible for your guests to obtain cards directly from us or any other sources.
How is the meter installed?
The meter is very easily installed in the apartment/house generally in one of three ways: as a sub-meter for all the property's electricity consumption; as a meter on a separate circuit, usually the circuit where air-conditioning and heating units are installed; or as a meter for a single appliance such as an individual air-conditioning unit, or maybe even a washing machine. The latter fitments enable you to offer air-conditioning/washing machine as an option available against separate payment. This is a very popular way of fitting the meter/s.

You will of course still receive Enemalta’s bills; this sub-meter does not interfere in any way with Enemalta’s metering or billing. The difference now is that you will have collected the money to pay your bills, in advance!

Not only, but you can adjust the rate per unit as per your requirements, such that you would be “re-selling” the electricity at a reasonable rate above cost, to cover the initial cost of the meter and the disposable cards, the wear and tear of equipment such as air-conditioning units, and Enemalta’s service charge. Thus over time, not only does the meter offer peace of mind, but it pays for itself and all your running expenses! And if electricity rates increase, you can re-set the rate immediately using the programming card. The very simple to use meter also offers intelligent advanced features such as “emergency credit” and “zeroing of credit”, all of which are fully explained in the meter’s accompanying documentation.

Some property owners still prefer to set an all-inclusive price for their accommodation, yet still fit a meter, and supply guests with sufficient number of cards to cover reasonable usage during the duration of their stay, any extra cards required being charged for. Even if guests never exceed the limit and are not charged any extra, the fact that they are made aware of their electricity consumption, results in more careful usage of this resource - so you still benefit greatly with reduced bills. This reduction has been reported by several property owners.
You are always onto a winner, whatever the option.
Peace of mind, more control, no surprise bills, and a more transparent deal for your guests. More predictable expenses also means that you can offer better calculated accommodation rates, when necessary, which makes you more competitive. You will know that the winter week bargain rate you are promoting will not need to take into consideration possibly high heating costs, and your guests will know that they only need to pay for the electricity they use. So it’s a great deal all around – and now is the time to get a meter installed!
What does it cost?
Well we could say nothing really... since this meter will pay for itself in no time at all... but here are the figures:

New RFID Meters:

The RFID Card Meter is a 21st Century upgrade of the immensely popular CPM5188A ‘Electrocard’ meter which was designed in the early 1990’s. The same manufacturer has now re-designed this very popular prepayment metering model into a more compact and modern design that makes use of contactless card technology.

From EUR 171 ex VAT (e.g. if taken with deposit option)

Disposable Cards, any denomination

From EUR 0.15 CENTS or EUR 0.30 CENTS ex VAT (depending on quantity and meter type)

Optional Programming Card (only one needed)

Ranges between Eur 10 and Eur 35 ex VAT (depending on meter type)

Optional Installation

Your own electrician can install the meter, it is very simple. But we can quote your installation upon request.

Note about the previous model of meters (Cards Only):

Previous Meters

We still support clients who purchased the older model CPM5188A i.e. we still stock the old style magnetic stripe prepaid cards and programming cards - should these be required.
Would you like a quotation?
To request a quotation or for more information about these meters kindly visit our hardware section
An AND Metering representive will answer all your questions and offer free advice on how to make the best use of your meter!
Prices are valid at time of writing and may be revised from time to time.
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