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Iċ-Ċavetta launch
The ‘Iċ-Ċavetta’ (the key) app offers 32 interactive e-learning activities with the primary objective of teaching Maltese literacy through self-learning by those facing particular constraints with the language.

The toolkit is part of a wider group of tailor-made programmes specifically designed to facilitate access of vulnerable groups (including those who did not succeed through the formal education system) to education and employment. Furthermore, access to further education and to employment will empower disadvantaged groups to build new social networks through the teaching centres and the place of work, which will help them further to become included in society.

Iċ-Ċavetta launch at Vodafone, SkyParks - Malta

Karen Farrugia: "As a teacher I can definitely implement this tool in class. I do have children who lack literacy skills and this innovative tool could help them."

Daniela: "I love it. A big well done to everyone involved in this project...Would change nothing so far..just hope there will be more :) the kids love it too its a fun way of learning
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